Website Design & Development

Customization to “Brand your Brand”®

How does Pocaranas “Brand your Brand”®? Your Brand is your image. When you design a website, it should state your mission, what you offer your clients, your special touches, etc… In essence, it is what you offer/represent. We help design your brand that is if your image needs a facelift, or we create one with you if you are a new company.

The website design process starts with unique 6 components phases: Discover, Plan, Design, Code, Launch and Maintain

2. In the Discover Phase, we will learn as much about your business, understand your goals and missions while you brief us with your ideas and dream palettes. Examples:

* Who are your target audience
* Your primary and secondary goals for the website
* Any curgent branding characteristics
* Your Cost and Budget
* Your Deadlines for completion

2. In the Plan Phase, we will review our notes and employ our creative strategy to research your trade field. Also, will start the sketching, planning by doing website mock-ups. We will discuss with your our plans to incorporate everything we have talked about in order to build the site for you according to your specifications.

3. In the Design Phase, the website will start to take shape from the ideas to actual visible components. The home page will be made, along with all the other pages with some dummy texts in place or simple texts which would mimic what your site will have. All design aspects will be incorporated so that you can see the big scope and direction of your website.

4. In the Code Phase, we will work on the front end which is the look and feel of your website. We pay attention to the user interface as this is where your customers who visit your site will be most concerned. We also will work on the back end of the website, which are functionalities in which you as the administrator will have access. We will employ codes using different languages as necessary to modify and shape your website to your requirements.

5. In the Launch Phase, this is when your pre-finished website has passed all testing. We will release the “keys” to your website and launch-making it live as by now, every button, every page is doing what is supposed to do. Any part of the website that is incorrect along with any bugs found will have been fixed.

6. In the Maintain Phase, once your site is active and working, we will monitor for you to keep the site operational, running smooth and without any hiccups. We will protect the site from attacks, viruses and educate you on how to keep your site healthy

Graphic Design

Logos/ Banners/ Business Cards/ Brochures/ Website Graphics/ Signs/ Flyers/ Yard Signs/ Post Cards/ Social Media Contents/ Marketing Advertising Printing

We craft your logos, graphic design for your website, IU/IX, and anything imaginable. Beautiful aesthetics, eye catching interface that engages for high customer attraction. Impactful design with ROI in mind.

Contact us for your next design and development project for your sales and promotional materials, business cards, brochures, logos, customized graphics, and any branding work for your business.

Our team create your marketing materials utilizing compelling graphic images, content and visuals to express the details and essence of your business. We work closely with you to enhance your message to generate results.



Digital Marketing

E-Marketing Services to Increase your Site Traffic

Let your site work for you 24/7 while you are sleeping to help you generate new leads, business and even customers

Search Engine Optimization SEO

The website is a platform where all your e-digital marketing advertising can be launched.  We assist you in maximizing the quality score rendered by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo to attract audiences to your website. By researching for you the top keywords most used in your trade, we use them to index placement for submission to search engines.  The goal is to get higher volumes of visitors to your website and get you better revenues for your business.

Social Media Marketing

From initial setups to training your staff to managing your campaigns, Pocarana’s social media services cover everything you could need. We offer fully managed social media campaigns that include blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and many other sources to reach as wide an audience as possible. We’ll aggregate content across your social media platforms to complement and support your overall marketing strategy.

Keyword Research

Every site that we build is designed to maximize the quality score rendered by search engines, which helps attract audiences. Our experience at identifying the top keywords and search engine placement has created increased revenue for our clients and brought higher volumes of visitors to their sites.

Google Analytics

Are you looking to increase conversion rates or adapt your website with a specific goal in mind? Our site review techniques can identify what changes need to be made and how they need to be implemented.